Who We Are

Our team consists of talented strategists, designers, researchers and business professionals who work collaboratively, synergistically and effectively. The purpose of our activity is offering a complete range of services thanks to our different experiences and skills.



Visionary concepts are inspired by the “thinking out of the box” attitude that we seed constantly
and they are supported by the necessary instincts and experience to pick up on design trends and generate new ideas and inspirations for future
product development.
• Future thinking
• Concept ideation


The shape it’s your solid philosophy, a tangible expression of your brand promise, much more
than aspect and color.
We combine proven expertise with ever-changing aesthetic trends.

• Visual design / Draft
• Class-A surfacing


Successful industrial design boosts desirability and ensures a lead over competitors maintaining
the design intent until the full product development in cooperation with your engineering

• Ergonomy/ Usability
• Design modelling
• Color, Finishes & Material


As your partner for product innovation, we want to give you a long-term direction.
Whether you entrust us with the entire project, just want some advice or are in search of the perfect form for an idea you’ve already envisaged, the knowledge and expertise we’ve acquired in our many years as passionates in STRATEGY, INNOVATION, and DESIGN, allow us to start at any point in the product development chain.
The goal is to move forward the level of innovation of each new product.
In the process of product innovation, our team thinks about user experience, sustainability issues and technical solutions making use of marketing and CFM research, considering human factors and social values.